• STUDENT APPLICATIONS CLOSE 8am Monday 21st August 2023

    This award is for a high achieving year 12 female student that is studying the General Subject, Aerospace Systems.
  • Requirements

    This award is open to year 12 students enrolled in an Aerospace Gateway to Industry School. Applicants must identify as female. Each applicant must have completed units 2 and 3 of the General Subject, Aerospace Systems, and is currently enrolled in until 4.
  • Judging

    The committee will review a written application (of no more than 250 words), along with a student video presentation, submitted by the applicant. Schools must submit a copy of the applicant’s latest student report and a letter of endorsement by the Principal or senior schooling representative for applications to be complete.
  • This award is open to students enrolled in an Aerospace Gateway to Industry School.
  • This award is open to year 12 students.
  • Please provide your best email contact. For year 12 students we suggest that you DO NOT provide your school email address.
  • Please provide your best phone contact number.
  • A written application (no more than 250 words) outlining why they want a career in the Aerospace industry and identifying what type of tertiary study they intend to pursue in the future.
    Max. file size: 12 MB.
  • A video presentation (using Vimeo or YouTube) no longer than four minutes. In this video the student must illustrate why they are a suitable recipient of this award.