• STUDENT APPLICATIONS CLOSE 8am Monday 21st August 2023

    This award is open Year 11 students that have a quest for learning about the aviation industry and working for an airline.
  • Requirements

    This award is open to year 11 students enrolled in an Aerospace Gateway to Industry School. There is no subject requirement for this award.
  • Judging

    The judging committee will consist of representatives from the Qantas Group. The committee will review a student video presentation submitted by the applicant. Judges are looking for applicants that demonstrate: A genuine interest in pursuing a career in aviation and/or working for an airline. Examples include aircraft maintenance engineering, flight crew (pilot), airport operations, safety, cabin crew. A desire to achieve their personal best and exceed expectations. Leadership qualities. Positively influencing, inspiring and energizing others. Good school attendance. Schools must submit a copy of the student's attendance record and a letter of endorsement for applications to be complete.
  • This award is open to students enrolled in an Aerospace Gateway to Industry School.
  • This award is open to year 11 students.
  • Please provide your best email contact.
  • Please provide your best phone contact number.
  • A video presentation (using Vimeo or YouTube) no longer than four minutes. The video must provide responses to the following: My interest in aviation began when.... I hope that one day my interest in aviation leads me to a career as a.... The aviation industry is exciting to me because.... Examples of aviation related activities, events or projects I have been involved in are....