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    This award is for a year 12 student that has produced the best in-depth folio and accompanying formal written report, which has a relevant focus on the aerospace industry.
  • Requirements

    This award is open to year 12 students enrolled in an Aerospace Gateway to Industry School. Each applicant must have completed a project/folio associated to the Aerospace Systems syllabus or an aerospace-contextualised unit in another subject area.
  • Judging

    The judging committee will consist of members of the Royal Aeronautical Society. The committee will review a completed project report submitted by the applicant. Judges reserve the right to request additional documentation to support the submission.
  • This award is open to students enrolled in an Aerospace Gateway to Industry School.
  • This award is open to year 12 students.
  • Please provide your best email contact. For year 12 students we suggest that you DO NOT provide your school email address.
  • Please provide your best phone contact number.
  • A written project report according to the criteria listed below: Topic: choose an aviation or aerospace topic that relates to the improvements of aerospace/aviation related products and /or services that has a civil and/or military application. Style: a well laid out report which is properly structured to convey its purpose with proper references to graphs/diagrams/tables used throughout. Tip: a clear and concise aim should be available at the beginning of the report with detail substantiations/analysis provided in the body before concluding the outcome of the investigation/report. Knowledge of the topic: demonstrated that a there is a high-level understanding of the topic being written. Method of analysis/processing of information: the information being presented is in such a way that effectively delivers the content and outcome of the report to the reader in a clear and concise manner. The method to analyse and justify the reasoning used may include but not limited to data analysis, surveys, testing. Presentation: the quality of the report is of high standard (e.g., aesthetically pleasing, correct grammar used, format used throughout the report is consistent).
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